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Boise National Forest (7/12/2021)

  Anderson Ranch Reservoir Well,  it's been a minute. About a year actually. This is my first post since my ex broke up with me, and let me say it's been a bummer. Not only am I just generally a sad sack of shit (please take me back, I miss you so much), but trips like these just aren't as fun without her. I mean, going out at night to take star photos in the middle of nowhere is honest to God terrifying, and it's just one of those things I know I'd enjoy a whole hell of a lot more if she were with me. Regardless, this isn't what I'm here about, right? Just gonna kick the depression for a bit and get to the parks. This is gonna be the first of (three, I think) posts from my Idaho trip that I'm still currently on. Boise National Forest is located in East-Central Idaho, and unfortunately I only got to view it through the window of a car as we drove from our family reunion in Nampa to the cabin we're renting in Featherville. I got a couple decent photos