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Talladega National Forest (7/24-27/2020)

Milky Way Over the Barn Talladega National Forest is something of a regular visit for me. My family has a mountain-top cabin inside, so I tend to take trips out every once an a while. Unfortunately, I've not had a great opportunity to get photos there. I had an ass camera, and even assier skills through high school, and since I've gotten better equipment and talent, I've been over there less and less. I made a few winter trips which turned out alright, but never a summer trip to see the Milky Way. I'm always out during the summer, either that or too depressed to leave my house. Thankfully, this trip managed to garner some potential. Camera, lenses, and tracking mount in hand, I headed over with my family and waited.  The first night it was cloudy, but I managed myself an hour to get photos. The clouds did their dirty work, but it turned out okay .  Obviously not the best The clouds were a bummer, but I was hoping for a clearer night. I did not get that the next day: it